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Publications using data from our sensors.


Martens et al.

“Tracing Methane Friction Layer Maxima and Plumes from Natural Hydrocarbon Seeps in Deep Waters of the Northern Gulf of Mexico”
2015 Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill & Ecosystem Science Conference, February 16-19, Houston, TX, USA


Gasperini et al.

"Gas seepage and seismogenic structures along the North Anatolian Fault in the eastern Sea of Marmara"
Geochemistry, Geophysics Geosystems 13(10) 19p


Marrtens et al.

"Continuous In Situ Measurements of Near Bottom Chemistry and Sediment-Water Fluxes with the Chimney Sampler Array (CSA)"
AGU 2011 Fall Meeting, San Francisco, Calif., 5-9 Dec, contribution OS31B-08


Krabbenhoeft et al.

"Episodic methane concentrations at seep sites on the upper bslope Opouawe Bank, southern Hikurangi Margin, New Zealand"
Marine Geology 272. pp 71-78


Santos et al.

"Extended time series measurements of submarine groundwater discharge tracers (232Rn and CH4) at a coastal site in Florida"
Marine Chemistry 113, pp 137-147

Grunwald et al.

"Methane in the southern North Sea: sources, spatial distribution and budgets"
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Sciences 81, pp 445-456


Tao et al.

"First Active Hydrothermal Vent Fields Discovered at the Equatorial Southern East Pacific Rise"
American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2008, abstract #V41B-2081

Newman et al.

"Active methane venting observed at giant pockmarks along the U.S. mid-Atlantic shelf break"
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 267, pp 341-352


Grunwald et al.

"A novel time-series station in the Wadden Sea (NW Germany): first results on continuous nutrient and methane measurements"
Marine Chemistry 107, pp 411-421

Dupré et al.

"Seafloor geological studies above active gas chimneys off Egypt (Central Nile Deep Sea Fan)"
Deep-Sea Research I (54), pp 1146-1172


Han X. Suess E., Petersen S.

„In-Situ detection of methane plume using METS methane sensor on the Indian Ocean Ridge“
Invited Paper, EOS Trans. AGU, 87(6), West. Pac. Geophys. Meet. Suppl., Abstract T31A-0166

Hyodo et al.

„Study on In-Situ Measurement of Dissolved Methane by Methane Sensor“ Japan Society of Engineering Geology, Vol 18(20061109) pp 299-302

Holland C.W., Weber T.C., Etiope G.

„Acoustic Scattering from mud volcanoes and carbonate mounds“ Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 120(6), pp 3553-3565

Faure K et al.

„Methane seepage and its relation to slumping and gas hydrate at the Hikurangi margin, New Zealand“
New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics, vol 49: 503-516


Schmid et al.

„Weak mixing in Lake Kivu: new insights indicate increasing risk of uncontrolled gas eruption“
Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., Research Letter, 6(7), Q07009, 11p

Nam et al.

„Application of Real-time Monitoring Buoy Systems for Physical and Biogechemical Parameters in the Coastal Ocean around the Korean Peninsula“
Marine Technology Society Journal, 39(2) Q07009, pp 70-79

Bussmann I.

„Methane release through suspension of littoral sediment“ Biogeochemistry, Vol 74, pp283-302

Bayon et al.

„Active pockmarks, mounds and slope instabilities on the Nile margin: In situ observations, geophysical, sedimentological and geochemical evidence“
Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 7, European Geosciences Union, EGU05-A-06953

Newman et al.

„Geophysical and geochemical evidence for methane venting at large gas blowouts along the US Mid-Atlantic shelf edge“
Fall AGU Meeting, Dec 2005, contribution OS32A-05


Marinaro G, Etiope G,Gasparoni F, Calore D, Cenedese S, Furlan F, Masson M, Favali F, Blandin J

„GMM - A gas monitoring module for long-term detection of methane leakage from the seafloor“
Environmental Geology, 46, pp1053-1058

Garcia M.L., Masson M.

„Environmental and geologic application of solid-state methane sensors“
Environmental Geology, 46, pp1059-1063

Camilli et al.

„In-situ chemical exploration and mapping using an autonomous underwater vehicle“
Fall AGU meeting, San-Francisco, Dec. 2004, contribution OS42A-08

Newman et al.

„A detailed near-bottom survey of large gas blowout structures along the US atlantic shelf break using the autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) SeaBED“
Fall AGU meeting, San-Francisco, Dec. 2004, contribution OS23B-1312

Hill, J. C., M. W. Driscoll, J. K. Weissel, M. Kastner, H. Singh, M. Cormier, R. Camilli, R. Eustice, R. Lipscomb, N. McPhee, K. Newman, G. Robertson, E. Solomon, and K. Tomanka.

„A Potential Link between Fluid Expulsion and Slope Stability: Geochemical Anomalies Measured in the Gas Blowouts along the U.S. Atlantic Margin Provide New Constraints on their Formation.“, pp. 13-17
Fall AGU meeting, San-Francisco, Dec. 2004, contribution OS23B-1307


Marinaro G, Etiope G,Gasparoni F, Calore D, Masson M, Blandin J

„A Gas Monitoring Module for Seabed Methane Leakage“
XVI INQUA Congress, Reno Nevada, Contribution 23-5 (BTH 133)

Christodoulou D, Papatheodorou G, Ferentinos G, Masson M

„The Origin of Two Pockmark Fields in Patras and Corinth Gulfs, Greece“ Geo-Marine Letters, 23:194-199


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Underwater Technology 2002 Conf, April 16-19 2002, Tokyo, Japan, Contribution P014

Nakamura K

„Tidal Bottom Current Modulation of Chemical Environment in the Suyio Hydrothermal Site in the Izu-Ogasawara (Bonin) Arc“
EOS Trans, AGU, 83(47), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract V72A-1303, 2002

da Silva M., Pereira I, Sikar E, Matvienko B, Rosa L, dos Santos M, dos Santos E, Lourenco R, Coutinho P

„Methane Concentration Depth Profiles in Hydroelectric Reservoir Water“
Int‘al Symposium Reservoir Management in Tropical and Subtropical Regions, Sept. 26, 2002, Iguassu, Brazil

Kim G, Hwang D.-W.

„Tidal Pumping of Groundwater into the Coastal Ocean Revealed from Submarine 222Rn and CH4 Monitoring“
Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 29, no. 14


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„Use of the METS Methane Sensor in the Gulf of Mexico“ Oceanography, Vol 14, No. 1


Omlin A, Mienert J, Lukas D, Posewang J, Goelz T

„Stability of Oceanic Gas Hydrates at the Barents Sea Continental Slope: Investigations with Deep-Sea Submersibles“
Journal of Conference Abstracts, Vol 4 (1), European Union of Geosciences-EUG 10 Conference, Strasbourg, France, March 28 - April 1 1999

Bussell J, et al.

„Applications of the METS Methane Sensor to the In-situ Detection of Methane Over a Range of Time Scales and Environments“
Fall AGU, San Francisco, USA, Dec. 13-17 1999