Company Presentation

Franatech is a company specialized in development, production and supply of underwater sensors for dissolved gases.

We are the world-leader in underwater methane monitoring and detection technology.

Franatech products are used world-wide for industrial applications like offshore O & G, aquaculture, water and waste water, hydroelectricity. They are also deployed by scientific institutions for ecosystems studies in the deep-sea as well as in lakes, climate research studies, and study of ocean acidifications.

Franatech disposes of a fully equipped laboratory for sensor calibration and tuning.

We can simulate various deployment conditions and dispose of an own pressure test chamber. Electronic laboratory and mechanical workshop complement our capacity. Most of our R&D work is done directly under client contract.


Franatech GmbH is a member of the ALÜ, the Industry Association for Apprenticeship of our home-town Lüneburg.

ALÜ is a non-profit organisation formed in 1999 and grouping industry companies, banks, institutions, and chambers of commerce, in cooperation with technical high-schools.

Each member contributes financially and materially to the education of one or more apprentice. The aim is to provide technical high-schools students with the necessary practical experience, and complementing their education with the specialization required by their future employers. At the end of the 3 years apprenticeship, the students are offered a job directly in the companies where they were formed, and are immediately operational.

Beyond the immediate benefits for both student and employer, the ALÜ commits to overall community objectives.

We act against the high unemployment rates of young people, and we support the long-term sustainability of the innovation and production capacity by providing the industry with young and qualified workforce.