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Franatech - Mobile Laser-Based Hydrocarbon Sniffer

Franatech - Subsea Hydrocarbon Leak Detector

Subsea Hydrocarbon Leak Detector

Long-term unattended continuous monitoring of dissolved methane, designed for deployment on fixed subsea installation like template, satellite, single christmas tree, manifold or well-head.

Franatech - Mobile Laser-Based Hydrocarbon Sniffer

Mobile Laser-Based Hydrocarbon Sniffer

Plug ’N‘ Forget

Maintenance and calibration free

Development and Qualification in direct cooperation with major O&G companies and scientific institutes in Europe and the USA.

Franatech - CO2 Sensor

CO2-Sensor HR

CO2 monitoring and control in fish-farming.

A cost-effective, user-friendly and reliable sensor, with very low maintenance and long-term stability.

Franatech - METS Methane Sensor

METS Methane Sensor

Real performances at affordable costs. Field proven since years.

The METS methane sensor has established itself worldwide as a valued tool for many applications. Offering a comprehensive range of versions and calibration settings to meet different requirements.

Our version of the METS with extended housing to accommodate an internal data logger has been on the market since many successful years. Logically, obsolescence has become an increasing issue on some components. This version has now reached its end-of-life and will be discontinued.

Franatech - A novel concept for pCO2 measurements for Ferry Boxes


Shipping and storage, Plug & Play installation, Self contained sensing and data acquisition

This product is currently out of production. Please contact us.



Provided in the same housing and with the I/O as the METS.

Scientist Ko-ichi Nakamura from AIST, Japan reports from the first field deployment: "your H2 sensor worked fine during the YK03-09 cruise at hydrothermal sites in the Marianas, i.e., reasonable sensitivity and response". Current specifications offer a detection range of 4 to 100 nmol/l to a working depth of 4000 m.