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Franatech - Pump and adapter for the METS

Pump and adapter for the METS

To ensure constant flow conditions, we provide a Seabird 5M underwater pump with flow-through chamber and cable.

Franatech - Datalogger FDL-Multi

Datalogger FDL-Multi

Featuring a max 40 mA consumption at 12VDC, standard USB connection, external battery supply, this recent version is a specially customized product. It supports standard 4 METS and one oxygen sensor.

Franatech - Datalogger FDL-Compact

Datalogger FDL-Compact

Featuring a max 15 mA consumption at 12VDC, integrated battery pack, this version supports one METS for a fully autonomous operation of up to 3 months.

Standard RS232 connection, optional USB or Ethernet.